NEXEEDS is a french registered trademark for hybrid vegetable seeds.

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The results obtained do not depend solely on the variety and quality of the seed, but also on factors that are difficult or impossible to assess or predict, and may vary according to region, environment, agronomic and atmospheric conditions, and cultivation operations ... So, the advice and suggestions are only offered for information and therefore will not constitute a guarantee of harvest.
In view of the kind of the products sold, the seller’s liability, in case of defects or non-conformity in the goods sold recognized and established, may not, and especially regarding to authenticity, varietal purity, specific purity, germination ability or resistance to strains and breeds of pests unknown to date, exceed the total amount of the supply of the delivered article, including the justified costs resulting from the return of the goods. The repair of any other injury is excluded, whatever it is.
Furthermore, our liability being expressly limited to the “sale as is”, in their original packaging of our goods, any transformation or modification, in any way, delivered goods, is worth renunciation of any appeal against us, whatever nature is. By way of example, any repackaging of our seeds by the buyer excludes de facto the seller’s warranty claim.

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NEXEEDS offers a wide range of innovative vegetable seeds to its distributors with new products available constantly




NEXEEDS varieties are selected for their increasing performances and broad adaptability for changing growing conditions




NEXEEDS varieties provide an instant oustanding effect on yields


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Our NEXEEDS offer is made for higher quality products : taste, firmness, resistance to transport, …